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A foundation in South Africa, a trust in the UK and a 501c-3 charity in the US were established in support of the Waterford Kamhlaba. The Foundation in SA and the Trust in the UK are actively involved in networking and fundraising for the school.

Waterford Kamhlaba Foundation of South Africa

Waterford Kamhlaba Foundation of South Africa

The Waterford Kamhlaba Foundation of South Africa (WKFSA) was established in 1962; a notable year in South Africa’s history for internal and international resistance campaigns against the country’s Apartheid legislation. It is against a backdrop of heightening political turmoil and oppressive control that the foundation endeavored to assist scholars to obtain an education appropriate to their needs without any restrictions whatsoever. At the time, such an objective could best be achieved at a school located outside of South Africa. The objectives of the Foundation, which are still relevant today, are to:

  1. assist scholars to obtain a quality education
  2. reward, encourage and train teachers as well as others involved in providing such an education
  3. maintain, support and extend the educational facilities of the school.

In a post-apartheid era, Waterford has sustained its early vision to educate exceptional students regardless of race, religion or financial background. The Foundation has continued to support the school, believing that it plays a critical role in positively shaping the future of young South Africans, Africans and learners who attend Waterford from many other countries across the world.

The WKFSA comprises 12 Trustees, all from South Africa and all of whom are business, educational and social leaders in South Africa whose formative years started and were moulded by Waterford.

  • Catherine Hunter (WK 77)
  • David Crush (WK 74)
  • Dominique Wells (Secretary) (WK 10)
  • Gloria Mamba (WK 82)
  • Itumeleng Mahabane (WK 92)
  • Jeremy Lock (WK 80)
  • Kuben Pillay (WK 76)
  • Mandi Mzimba (WK 76)
  • Monwabisi Fandeso (WK 77)
  • Sandile Hlophe (WK 89)
  • Sechaba Morojele (WK 84)
  • Sibongile Gumbi (Chairperson) (WK 86)
  • Thulani Gcabashe (WK 74)

The Foundation works together with the Waterford School Trust (UK), thus ensuring a global reach of our fundraising efforts. From the funds that the Foundation has raised over the years; and through the support of alumni, parents and friends of Waterford, new leaders have been developed, young minds have been enlightened, global opportunities have been unlocked, unique networks have been established across the world, great ideas have been exchanged and developed and social change has been enacted. We continually invite individuals, foundations and corporates to be part of this vision to grow young learners into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The Waterford School Trust

The Waterford School Trust

The Waterford School Trust ["WST"] was established as a charity in the UK in 1962, a year before the school opened to is first students.

The Trust deed gave the Trustees wide discretion - with its sole stated object being to promote and encourage education at Waterford School.

Without detracting from that simply stated overriding object, examples of the way funds might be spent were suggested and included scholarships and the construction of buildings.

The Trust deed was signed by a microcosm of senior individuals concerned to support a provocative attempt to show that a body of students and staff from a disparate background could successfully be educated together in southern Africa. This was a far-sighted group, with detailed experience of the region, embracing members of the House of Lords, educationalists, lawyers and colonial administrators.

The nine current trustees have direct experience of a Waterford education, and/or of the United World College movement, as students or volunteers.

They are delighted to provide ongoing support and encouragement to this vibrant community which played such an important developmental role in their own lives - recognising that its location is 'at the top a hill in a faraway land'.

Over £5 million has been raised from a wide variety of UK sources in the 21st century to date. For the most part this has been used to provide scholarships for students who would not otherwise be able to benefit from this world-class educational opportunity. But, as those early promoters foresaw, opportunities have also arisen over the years to attract substantial funds towards capital building projects.

  • Amanda West (WK 80) Chairperson
  • Birgitte Hagem (WK 05) Secretary
  • Chelsey Sprong (WK 05)
  • Dalumuzi Mhlanga (WK 06)
  • Dan Pillay (WK 83)
  • Harry Figov (WK 75)
  • Mark Jennings (WK 78)
  • Michael Jarvis (WK 70) Treasurer
  • Robert Creighton (UWC International Secretary 78-88)

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