Dear Mrs. Mills and Waterford’s CommServe team,

As a board member of The Rocking Horse Project – and as a pediatrician – I want to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making HGH’s pediatric clinic a bright, cheerful, happy place for children to obtain medical care. It warms my heart tremendously to know that each child who attends that facility will have an opportunity to receive medical attention in a child-focused setting. THANK YOU!I trust you enjoyed your time at HGH and are inspired to continue making a difference in the lives of others who you may never have the chance to meet.

Kind regards,

Rachel A. Golin, MD, MHS, FAAP

WK students painting the Hlathikhulu Government Hospital's children's ward recently

From a parent: January 2016

This is to thank you for all your assistance towards (my child’s) resumption at Waterford. Yesterday was the hallmark, but we would like to appreciate all the time you gave to attend to our inquiries and needs. You all at Waterford are doing a great job and that is quite appreciated by the parents. I could sense a deep sense of satisfaction from all the parents I met yesterday at the good standards you are setting. Keep it up and see you some other time.

From a parent: December 2015

_Dear Mr Lowry

I know we often receive your communication and newsletters and can easily take them for granted…and sometimes mass communication can feel like a shot in the wild not knowing whether parents receive and indeed read your communication! But allow me to congratulate you and all Waterford staff for a year well spent, and to thank you for the work with our sons and daughters, in and out of class. Your regular and timely communication has been a big blessing, a source of information and an inspiration about the school. You can imagine- being so far away in Uganda with my 14 year old daughter so far in Swaziland may not be an easy thing sometimes. I have promptly poured over your newsletters and the well written insights and information you share. Throughout the year, it has kept me very close to my daughter. .. just getting to know everything that’s happening in the school is like being far away in a virtual Waterford! I thank you so much again…. we hope and look forward to your newsletters in the new year. Best wishes to you and all the staff for a Merry Christmas and a lovely and blessed 2016!_ - Parent