Newsletter 14/2017

Welcome Back Message

We have just begun the second term. It was great to see our students in high spirits as they came back from holiday. During the morning assembly on Tuesday, I highlighted the need for them to find some quiet space and personal time during the course of their busy schedules. Indisputably, this generation lives in a fast moving world; where there is lot of activity around them, in the form of smart phones, movies, music, media and conflicts. They also have books to read, classes to attend, sporting activities, friends and other social events to participate in. All of this requires their attention and time. It is sometimes difficult to cope with what they are exposed to without being overwhelmed. I therefore advised them to create time and find some quiet space to be alone, be at peace and reflect without their gadgets, friends or other disrupting elements. While it is not always easy to do so, this can help them to achieve internal peace and keep calm in the face of an eventful world.

Welcome Back

We welcome back Ms Tapiwa Chilipaine from the French department who was away on maternity leave.

MTN Bushfire Festival – May 26th – 28th

MTN Bushfire festival takes place on the weekend of 26 to 28 May 2017. This is Swaziland`s internationally acclaimed three day music, theatre, poetry, dance and visual arts festival. For more information on this festival, please visit

In order to manage the safety of our students over the Bushfire weekend, we have compiled a document that you can find on our website at the following link:

2017 Term 2 Calendar and Menu

Both the calendar and menu for Term 2 has now been published and can be found on our website.



Thursday 25th May is normal school day

Please be informed that Thursday 25th May 2017 will be a normal school day for students and staff of Waterford. Buses will transport day students as per the usual Thursday bus schedule.

Go Make A Difference Awards 2017

Two of our student-led projects have been awarded in the Go Make A Difference Awards 2017. Go Make A Difference is a grant scheme that allows current students across all UWC schools and colleges to run projects that put the UWC ideals into practice. It has been expanded with a total of $30,000 being awarded to 30 UWC projects to go and make a difference immediately after they graduate. This year, 54 applications were received from 14 schools and colleges across the UWC movement, including applications for the first time from Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa, UWC Robert Bosch College and UWC Changshu China. For more information about Go Make A Difference and the Awards, go to: . We are very proud of this achievement and congratulate the students.

IB 2 History Trip

Yesterday morning IB2 History students departed for an educational trip to the Rivonia Museum, the Apartheid Museum and Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa. In term 2 the students have the Higher Level Depth Study option, Paper 3: Aspects of the History of Africa. Section 15 of this paper covers “Developments in South Africa 1880-1994”, covering topics on the causes, nature and the effects of the Apartheid regime as well as the origins to the end of the Apartheid system in South Africa. Therefore, the visit to the Rivonia Museum, Apartheid Museum and Constitutional Hill will support their study of this section of the Paper 3, IB examination. The students will return on Saturday the 20th of May in the evening.

Central Bank’s Coin Competition

As part of Swaziland’s 50th independence anniversary to be held in 2018, the Central bank of Swaziland is running a schools’ competition for the design of new coins to mark this significant anniversary. We are happy to announce that 7 of our students have made it to the finals of this competition. The winners will be announced during a ceremony to be held at the Royal Swazi Sun hotel on Monday 22nd. The finalists will attend the ceremony, supervised by Mrs Doyle. We wish them luck.

Sporting Activities

Badplaas Tournament: Next week Saturday 27 May 2017, the schools soccer, volleyball, basketball and netball teams are travelling to Badplaas, South Africa, to participate in a one day tournament. They will return on the same day.

Reminder: Important dates

● 10 June – Entrance Testing in Maputo

● 14th and 15th July – 24 Hour Run

● 18 November – IB2 Graduation

Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


Newsletter 13/2017

Happy Holidays

We have come to the end of the first term and I think all of us are ready for a wonderful few weeks of rest. I always tell the students to make sure that they get plenty of sleep – please parents, allow them to sleep until noon everyday if necessary! The holidays are so important to re-charge our batteries. It is a time to recreate, rest, recuperate, revive, read, recharge and relax. Last weekend was such a wonderful celebration of all that is UWC. Our music concert on Friday night displayed the most wonderful talent we have at the school. Well done and thank you to all who performed and kept the community and our governing council entertained.

And then, of course, the UWC day brought out the best of us. Well done to everyone that made the day such a wonderful event. The national dress, performances, UWC assembly and guest speaker was a celebration of us, as UWC. It showcased our policy of deliberate diversity, which is at the centre of our identity and has been, since we started as a beacon of non-racialism against the racism of Apartheid that was in full swing across the border in South Africa back in 1963. Our guest speaker, Mr. Ronnie Kasrils, who has served in three ministerial capacities in the South African government since 1994, reminded all of us about our common humanity and the importance of always defending the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. It was a poignant reminder to us all of our UWC Mission – service to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Most of our students are formally engaged in this service, in one way or another. This past week we had a note back from one of the agencies we do ComServe with, thanking one of our IB ComServe groups: “I am writing to thank you, as well as the group of youth and leaders you sent down to Emvimbeko to be with our Axom students. My goodness…the students had an incredible experience! They posted pictures on Facebook and said that it was one of the best times they’ve had at school! The pictures are worth MORE than a thousand words. Xolani shared with me that our Axom students said things like, “they made me feel like I was one of them!” They loved the games and thoroughly enjoyed the time each of your students spent with them, either one on one, or through the different activities they experienced. There really aren’t words to express my gratitude.”

Our community service programme is a flagship programme of the school: an essential part of the Waterford educational experience precisely because it provides such great opportunities for our students to discover and grow their empathetic natures as an essential aspect of their personalities. Thank you to all our students, our staff that assist Mrs. Mills and her able assistant, Miss Littler and our partners for their service to humanity through the College ComServe programme.

May I conclude by thanking all students, staff, support staff, governors, alumni, parents and all who volunteer on any of our committees for your dedication and commitment to the school. This school could not be the community it is without your continued positive contribution. Thank you and I wish all of you a very special holiday and especially those who are celebrating significant religious holidays over the next month. And please remember to travel safely especially if you are using the roads.

Staff Departures

We bid goodbye to Mr Chris Mbewe who has helped us out for the last 6 weeks in the French department while Ms Chillipaine has been on maternity leave. Ms Hakimi has also been with us for the last few weeks as she returned to help us in the Anthropology/History department. On behalf of the school, I would like to say farewell to them, and thank them for helping us out during this period.

Music Concert

Last week Friday evening we held a Music Concert in the assembly hall. As always, it was an amazing evening where parents, guardians and members of our Governing Council, both local and international were treated to some of Waterford’s amazing talent. My thanks go to Mr Wilkinson, Mr Clark and Mr Chinyanga for their leadership and to all the students who participated. You can see some of the pictures on our website at the following link:


I would like to thank all parents and guardians who came to support our UWC Day this past Saturday. The students worked very hard and put together a fantastic event. This event is primarily student led, with a little help from staff in the form of logistics. I have received lots of positive feedback. One of the things we overlooked, however, was only having one “watering hole” and it has come to my attention that many people had to wait in long queues to get a drink. We apologize for this oversight and will avoid this happening next year. For more information about UWC day, go to:

And from Tivele Dlamini in Form 5:

“Saturday 8th April 2017, UWC Day. Link Group knew it would be great but we weren’t the slightest bit prepared for spectacular. For those of you who missed the day, this will be an extremely understated summary and for those of you who were there, it will be a reminder of what a great day you had. The day kicked off with an assembly opened by our heads Aliki, Merlin and Onele. We had some lovely performances from the Swazi dances both boys and girls, two beautiful marimba ensembles, incredible rhythms from the gumboot team and you will never believe the angelic voices the choir had. The one and only Ronnie Kasrils gave us an insight of the Apartheid struggle by sharing his experiences with us. The assembly was wrapped up by our parade of nations clad with patriotic students.

‘The major part of the day followed. The food stalls were spread between the academic square and the field and some fantastic performances took place in the academic square. Yes we admit we had a minor set back by running out of vouchers but we worked our very best to generate those vouchers as quickly as we could. From then on, everything ran smoothly and the day was done at 15:00. Thank you so much to everyone who helped and contributed to the day. Special thanks goes to Mrs Paula Jacobs, Mrs Tracey Stewart, Mr Tony Pontuti, Ms. Ramila Patel, Inyatsi Construction, Capitol Caterers, Maintenance, Mr Kasrils, staff, Link group members as well as other students for playing such a huge role in piecing this huge UWC Day puzzle. Your help, support and dedication is extremely appreciated. UWC Day 2018, let the planning begin!”


We have come to the end of the first term and request that all payments are up to date. Please note that any tuition or boarding fees for this term which are still unpaid will result in the withholding of the report for your child/children. We wish to remind you that we do not carry arrears forward into a new term.

Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tricia Fraser (24221639) email or contact the bursar (24220866) email

School Reports

Your child’s report will be sent out electronically today. If you do not receive the report, there may be a number of reasons. It may be that we do not have the correct email address for you or it could be that the report has been withheld for fee arrears, as mentioned above. Please call the school or send an email to for clarity.

Form 5 Parents

Thank you for supporting your child’s application to the IBDP here. We are reviewing applications and anticipate having decisions released by the end of May.

Regional Entrance Testing

Please help us to spread the word about upcoming Entrance Testing opportunities in regional centers on May 13th and June 11th as outlined below:

Saturday 13th May – 09:00. Venues are:

• Nairobi: Sarova Pan Afric Hotel

• Dar es Salaam: Protea Hotel Courtyard

• Windhoek: Avani Hotel

• Gaborone: Avani Gaborone Hotel

• Harare: Bronte Hotel

Saturday 10 June – 09:00: Maputo: VIP Hotel

Banking details

I am hoping that by now everyone is using the correct bank account number for electronic payments. The details are available on the school website:

School Report

Please remember that at the end of every term I publish a report about the school which can be found at the following link: It is substantially the same as my report to the Governing Council. It is published on the website in the interests of transparency. Please feel free to ask me any questions about it.

Reminder: Important dates

● 13 May – Regional Entrance Testing

● 16 May – Classes resume

● 10 June – Entrance Testing in Maputo

● 18 November – IB2 Graduation

From the PSA

The Annual Golf Day will be on the 29/10/17. We would like to apply to all families to help with prizes for the players.

Link families - we encourage all local families to join the link families programme and host a boarder student. For more information please contact Frances Pang

Food Committee – Fiona Millin is our new representative at the school’s food committee, replacing Galit Torgeman. The PSA is supporting the school’s effort to make the Tuck Shop a healthier option. School’s renovations – the PSA has been updated and approved the renovation process and the next plans to improve the learning experience at school.

PSA LOGO- Congratulations to Tal Leizer (F5); his design won the PSA favour. Thank you very much Tal.

Thank you – after more than 10 years on the PSA, Galit Torgeman has retired. Thank you Galit for your contribution and support over the years. As you know, you can check out- but never leave :) Parents that would like to join the PSA; please contact our secretary Wendy Green-Thompson The next meeting is schedule for 5/6/17.

PSA AGM 22/6/17 – All parents are invited. The AMG is before the teacher- parents evening.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


Newsletter 12/2017

Music Concert

Tonight we will have a Music Concert to be held in the Assembly hall. Parents and guardians are welcome. The concert will start at 18:30 pm and will run for about an hour. There is no charge for this event.


UWC Day is finally here! Aside from the amazing food, the awesome performances and the beautiful national attire, we will also have a very special guest speaker, Mr Ronnie Kasrils. Mr Kasrils is one of the founding members of Umkhonto Wesizwe (MK), a military wing of the African National Congress (ANC) which was formed during the struggle against apartheid. He joined the ANC in 1960 and became the secretary of the Congress of Democrats in Natal the following year, and in 1983 he was appointed as the Chief of MK Intelligence. After 1994, he served in various capacities in the democratic government, including as Water Affairs minister and minister for Intelligence. Tomorrow, the WK community will have the honor of being addressed by Mr Kasrils. Mr Kasrils is here with his partner, Amina Frense. Parents and guardians are invited to attend. A reminder that the food stalls will only accept vouchers. These vouchers will be available from 4 voucher stalls set up on the field. The day will begin at 09:45 am with an assembly and end at 15:00 pm. Day students will be picked up from their respective stops at 08:00 am for Matsapha and Ezulwini; and 08:15 am for all the other stops. Students will be dropped off again at 15:00pm. Let us make tomorrow extra special by bringing our best UWC spirit with us!

On our way to UWC Day!

The big day is finally here! The Link Group has decided to do one more round of “what’s your favourite thing about your country”, just to give you a feel of what you will be experiencing tomorrow:

“I like the fact that there’s Starbucks.” (South Africa)

“I love South Africa because I love the vibes, like the culture and stuff.” (South Africa)

“Mmm, the diversity “(Tanzania)

“I think the actual diversity since you find so many people there at the end of the year and honestly it’s actually such a nice place to be” (UAE) “The food.” (Zimbabwe)

“Wait, I’m going to tell you something: the beaches; they are nice. And the weather, I know it gets really hot sometimes but I like it. ” Tariq (Tanzania)

“The people and the food.” Da Eun (South Korea)

“The mentality of people; they are so great. And we speak French, we don’t speak English. ” Ismael (Niger)

“I love the vibe, I’m Mauritian by the way.” Lisa (Mauritius)

“For me, it would be the views and the wild life.” Kandi (South Africa)

“The weather.” Matt (England)

” My country is the best country in the world.” Philip (Lesotho)

“The people are very nice; I don’t know what to say. The people are really sweet when you don’t make them mad.” Nothando (Swaziland)

“We have surprisingly good food.” (the Netherlands)

“People like to dance.” (Mozambique)

“Umm the people are really nice. And I feel at home whenever I go there. Oh! And the food!” (Zambia) “Lake Tanganyika.” (Burundi)

“Umm, the mountains and the beautiful scenery. I know there’s not a lot to do but I don’t even mind that a lot of the time. I really like this place.” Anele Dlamini (Swaziland)

“I consider my country one of the most beautiful places in the world. Although I’m not sure about a lot of things about myself, I’m sure and proud of where I’m from.” Zara Simba (Tanzania)

“I don’t know, I think. Favourite thing about my country? I don’t know what it is but I think I really like the people because the people are really nice. When you go there, you just feel really great and so welcome. I know the economy isn’t the greatest but people are still so happy. I like it.” (Zimbabwe)

“…but Waterford also taught me about the brotherhood of man, and my faith in this big idea has guided me all my life…”

A number of our alumni are involved in amazing things all over the world, and they say great things about WK. This week I was touched by the above words by Matthew Paris (Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa, 1964-1968). He is a British political writer and broadcaster. Matthew joined The Times in 1988, and prior to that he worked at the Foreign Office as Margaret Thatcher’s correspondence clerk and as Conservative MP for West Derbyshire. Read more:

Notice to parents and guardians

It has been brought to our attention that some of our IB students have arranged a party to take place tomorrow evening, Saturday 8 April from 6pm onwards at Sundowners Backpackers, situated in Malkerns. Sundowners has a bar and party goers will be able to purchase alcohol. Please note that this is not a Waterford organised or chaperoned event. There will be no Waterford staff presence at the party. Although there is transport leaving from close to our campus and returning the following morning, this is public transport arranged by the organisers. Parents are urged to have conversations with their children around this event and discuss how safe practices and wise choices can be implemented.
Students are reminded that the normal exeat procedures, as well as the rules around returning to campus under the influence of alcohol are of utmost importance.


We are fast approaching the end of term and request that all payments are up to date. Please note that any tuition or boarding fees for this term which are still unpaid will result in the withholding of the report for your child/children. We wish to remind you that we do not carry arrears forward into a new term.
Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tricia Fraser (24221639) email or contact the bursar (24220866) email

Banking details - Repeat

Some parents are still using the old bank account. We have received many payments that have bounced back. Please use the banking details available on the school website:

Sporting Activities

Last weekend the school was hosting boys’ and girls’ soccer, basketball and netball sports teams from the Maputo International School, as well as St. Marks High, SAIM and Swazi National High school teams. All our soccer, basketball and netball teams performed very well in the tournament. Well done teams!

Reminder: Important dates

● 8 April - UWC Day

● 13 April – School closes, buses depart for Johannesburg

● 13 May – Regional Entrance Testing

● 16 May – Classes resume

● 10 June – Entrance Testing in Maputo

● 18 November – IB2 Graduation

Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at If the question is of broad interest I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


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