A remarkable Form 5 Graduation!


Waterford Kamhlaba Form 5 class of 2017, affectionately known as the ‘Savages’ graduated in style on Friday the 10th of November 2017 inside the school’s assembly hall.

The event was attended by parents, teachers and students. After the names of the graduating students were announced, there were several speeches by representatives of all the classes, teachers, including outgoing Head of Residences Mr. Donovan King, the IGCSE Coordinator Mr. Tich Muyambo and the Principal Mr. Stephen Lowry.

Left: Mr. Donovan King demonstrating a point as he made his exciting speech Right: The School Principal Mr. Stephen Lowry making his speech

Speaking on behalf of the graduating class, Abdulla Mahomed thanked everyone who has helped them in their academic journey. “To the teachers, parents and fellow colleagues we would like to say thank you, “he said. Mr. Donovan King mentioned that he was happy about the achievement of the students. “Today I am a proud father,” he said.

The principal thanked everyone who had made the event to be a success. After the event, there was entertainment which proceeded to the school dining hall during refreshments, before the students travelled to Sibane hotel for their dinner and entertainment.

Left: A performance by students representing the graduating class Right: The Marimba group entertaining guests inside the school dining hall

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