Evening of Dance!


On the night of the 12th October 2017, the dance enthusiasts of Waterford showcased their talent in a night of spectacular diversity with Tango, Hip-Hop and contemporary dance.

As soon as everyone settled down into their positions the lights were turned off symbolizing a start into the night. First on stage was a Hip-Hop dance from students; Bomin (F2), Dora(F1) and Jae Young(F3). The night then progressed with some Tango, an awe-inspiring contemporary dance peace from one of the form 3s and a piece by long-time dance enthusiast, Waterford alum Seipati Jonga. Later on, the night went to showcase talent from the Form 4 dancers with an exciting Hip-Hop performance. To end the night and to say goodbye to the IB2s, the gumboot dance troop came out in full glory. It was a fantastic way to end off the first half of the term.

The gumboot dance was a good item to end the night.

Article by: Joshua Green-Thompson (IB1)

Pictures by: Uyen Do (IB 1)

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