Waterford AWARE Students at Work!


A group of Waterford students who are part of the Waterford AWARE Community Service project recently assisted in the running of a free sterilisation clinic for dogs and cats in the Ndlalambi area of Pigg’s Peak. After a very early start to the day, surgeries were soon underway with Waterford students assisting in the pre-op clinic, the operating room and the recovery unit. All post op care was in our hands. They cleaned the wounds, injected Antibiotics and Vaccines, took post op notes and kept the animals warm until they woke up from surgery. It was continuous work with little time to rest as six Vets were operating which meant six new patients on average every 20 minutes! They quickly learned to clean wounds and administer injections so the unit ran really smoothly.

Some of the students assisting with the sterilisation

The students also assisted in the Clinic – pre –op checks of all animals and vaccines for non-surgical patients. Some of the students went into surgery as Vet Assistants. The Veterinary Surgeons were generous both with their time and their patient explanations of how procedures were being carried out, while students watched and listened intently, gaining new knowledge and insight. In total, 37 animals were sterilised and 114 received medical attention.

Article and pictures courtesy of Joanne De Koning - WK Deputy Principal (Academic)

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