A Splendid BraveGirl Camp!


The BraveGirl camp 2017 initiative has lived up to its expectations; starting on a high note on Monday the 14th of August. Throughout the week, there was a series of exciting activities, including some workshops on mental health: the importance of healthy self-talk, introduction to mental illness and wellbeing, and the wellness wheel. On Tuesday there was a workshop on romantic relationships as well as another one on healthy friendships. The participants expressed their happiness on being part of the camp. Among other things, they enjoyed a newspaper fashion show and a dance party early in the week.

Left: The participants in a workshop. Right: The girls playing games and having fun on the Waterford campus.

The BraveGirl camp is a student-led initiative held on the Waterford Kamhlaba campus from Monday 14 to Saturday 19 August; bringing Swazi teenage girls from schools around Mbabane to engage in discussions surrounding women’s empowerment in an urban Swazi context. The project combines a five night girls’ residency camp, which includes a day-long job shadowing experience (Thursday 17 August) with a preceding training for teachers from those secondary schools and camp counsellors.

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