Over 2500 Attend Careers Fair!


The Annual Careers Fair has truly grown in strength, as evidenced by the over 2500 of high school students who attended the event at the Mavuso Exhibition and Trade Centre on the afternoon of 26 July 2017. The Annual Careers Fair is a student-led CSI event and it is a community service project, organized by IB2 students.

Excitement and curiosity were written all over the faces of the students and youth who visited the numerous stalls of the 80 organizations who had come to exhibit and talk about various career opportunities. Most of the students expressed their appreciation to Waterford and Old Mutual Swaziland for bringing the 10th Careers Fair. “Most of the time you have no one to tell you about career opportunities out there and you end up finishing high school without making an informed decision about your career,” said a student from St Michaels during the event.

Students took time to visit the stalls at the Careers Fair

The significance of Careers Fair was further highlighted by Waterford and CSI alum, Dalumuzi Mhlanga, who also came to the event. “When you look back you realize that the event has really grown over the years, and it is encouraging to see the thousands of young people who come to learn about career opportunities,” he said. Other Waterford alums who participated in this year’s Careers Fair mentioned that it was good to see the large number of companies who are manning their stalls. Among these were government departments, private sector companies, academic institutions and NGOs.

Waterford alum Dalumuzi Mhlanga chatting with Fiona Mills who is the Community Services Coordinator at Waterford.

In addition to the exhibition, there was a spelling competition run by Macmillan Swaziland in collaboration with Old Mutual, and a number of students won prizes. There was also a motivational talk by Swazi musician Lomalungelo Dladla. She talked about emotional intelligence, pursuing a life of purpose, passion and working towards achieving your dreams.

Waterford students entertained the participants throughout the event. Some of the groups that performed include the school choir, marimba group and gumboot dance.

The marimba group entertaining people outside the exhibition hall.

Pictures by Mancoba Mabuza and Nolwazi Ngwenyama.

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