Glam Trash Fashion Show 2017


On Friday evening, 7th July 2017, Waterford’ Glam Trash Fashion Show was held at the school dining hall. This is an event where Waterford students get a chance to showcase their creativity and design skills in an unconventional way. The designers create outfits out of recycled material such as newspapers, cardboard boxes and trash bags. These designs are then showcased by models of the designers’ choice on the night of the fashion show. At the end of the show, the best designer and model are chosen by a panel of judges and then awarded with a prize.

This year’s fashion bash was organised by a team of IB1 students and it took them about three months to organize the event. People were lined up the door of the cafeteria in anticipation, fifteen minutes before the show was set to start!

N.B Article by Nandzisile Mkhonta (IB1)

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