UWC Africa Week: Unscrambling Africa


UWC Africa Week will be held from Wednesday 19th July – Monday 24th July. This is a student-driven event aimed at igniting debate on perspectives about Africa. It is a platform from which participants can explore the plethora of cultures and examine the salient issues impacting Africa, Africans and the African Diaspora.

The UWC Africa Week 2017 theme, Unscrambling Africa, challenges the perception of Africa as a homogeneous entity and the single simplistic, and negative story of socio-political instability and entrenched notions of failures with democracy; a story of a poverty-stricken continent ravaged by the crises of disease and hunger. Unscrambling Africa argues how, told exclusively in these stories, these pictures of Africa are not only misleading, but false.

To unwrap the theme, UWC Africa Week 2017 will feature a variety of events and activities including: a UWC Africa Week assembly, a Visual Arts exhibition, a Music Concert, storytelling, a Leadership Round-table, interactive workshops, a debate, panel forum discussions and an Africa Night featuring a fashion show, poetry, music and dance.

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