Waterford Changing Lives Through Community Service


Community service continues to be at the heart of the Waterford experience. It is a real opportunity for Waterford Kamhlaba students to make a difference in the communities of Swaziland, and to learn the importance of community engagement. The programme is a core part of the curriculum and allows our students the opportunity to work with people from different circumstances and backgrounds to their own. This opens their eyes to social issues and the potential to make change.

Through community service, Waterford students make a difference in many communities including: Sandra Lee, Msunduza Care Point, Mpolonjeni Care Point, Mbabane government hospital, Mpaka refugee camp, Living Values and Waterford Kamhlaba preschool.

Waterford students inside a garden at Mpaka.

Below are some quotations from students who recently completed the CAS program –

“I believe that without the CAS programme I would not have noticed the potential that I have to make a difference in the community around me. This has led to huge personal growth for me as an individual. “(IB 2 student, 2015)

“CAS has undoubtedly been the most fulfilling and worthwhile aspect of my time at WK. I have learnt a lot about myself and discovered what I am truly passionate about… I am sincerely grateful to everyone at WK for supporting my CAS ideas and for allowing them to develop into reality. The passion and enthusiasm that both students and staff feel for CAS in the WK community is truly inspiring and I hope many more WK students are given the same wonderful opportunities to grow, learn , develop and “give back” as I have.” (IB 2 student, 2015)

“I am grateful for CAS, teaching me how to lose, how to accept and how to experience. My world has become twice the size it was before.” (IB 2 student, 2015)

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