Christmas Gift for Nkwene High School girls


Sharon Neves (Swaziland, WK 92-98) with the help of Waterford Kamhlaba Form 5 Class of 1996 and her Facebook friends handed a Christmas gift of a three month supply of sanitary pads to 120 Nkwene High School girls.

She started this campaign in October 2015. This was after she found a high school girl using newspaper during her menstrual cycle at Nkwene high school. She further went on to do research and learnt that more girls lose a lot of days away from school because they cannot afford sanitary pads. She started with 20 girls. Through girls’ health education the programme has now developed from 20 to 120 Nkwene High School girls.

Sharon continues to make a positive impact in the Shiselweni community.

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