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Newsletter 35/2019

15 November, 2019

Men's Week: Growing Healthy Masculinities 

This week the school began its first annual Men's Week, a student-led week of activities centered on fostering healthy masculinities in our community. A number of events have already taken place including a drama piece, the gallery walk of "Great Men", the "Thank-a-Man" campaign, and a discussion on healthy masculinities. Activities continue next week with the Menaissance Men's Lounge on Monday, November 18th. This event will showcase artistic talent on the topic of healthy masculinities. It will also be a fundraising event linked to Movember, a global movement focusing on men's health. 

On Tuesday, November 19th, there will be a screening of the documentary "The Mask You Live In" which focuses on the challenges facing men and boys in the US, particularly related to violence and mental health. This event is also open to parents. This coincides with International Men's Day, a day recognized globally, which celebrates the positive value men bring to the world, their families, and communities. 

Finally, on Wednesday, November 20th, there will be an assembly to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Girls and Women, which will be celebrated globally on November 25th. At break time, students will have the opportunity to dye their hair purple to show their pledge to ending gender-based violence. We encourage caregivers to discuss healthy masculinities with students whenever possible and appropriate. As this can be a sensitive topic, we also ask that caregivers encourage students to seek help through our pastoral team if needed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students who are leading this initiative, the teachers, and everyone involved; thank you for making a great contribution to our community. Happy Men's Week everyone! 


Protest in Mbabane

Over the past weekend, there were social media calls for Eswatini citizens to join in rolling protest action which would disrupt traffic and normal operations in the major cities. On Sunday the college communicated with day student parents on the matter with assurances that the situation would be monitored from Monday 11th November 2019. On Wednesday reports were received of a small group of protesters with a strong police presence in Mbabane, eSwatini, and we wrote an email informing parents of day students about these developments. According to recent updates the protest action did not render Mbabane town unsafe and we, therefore, decided that it was safe to continue with normal operations including sending day student buses. We did cancel buses for the boarding students’ “Town Run” on Wednesday afternoon as a precaution. The situation appears to be calm and normal currently. It is expected that there will be continued protest action but we do not expect any direct interference with the normal operations of the college, and assess that our safety concerns should be around school transport to Mbabane town. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and make early decisions accordingly should a need arise. We remain committed to the safety of our students and everyone in the college. We will update parents if the situation changes going forward.


Form 5 Graduation

Waterford Kamhlaba’s 2019 Form 5 graduation ceremony took place this afternoon in the school’s Michael Stern Hall. The event started with the presentation of certificates to the graduating class, after which there were speeches and performances. The day will end with a dinner at Sibane Hotel with more speeches and performances. Please join me as I congratulate the F5 class of 2019 for successfully reaching an important milestone. We are also grateful to the rest of our students, parents, alumni, donors and partners for supporting the graduating students throughout their years of study. Thank you!  


IB2 Graduation

Next week Friday is the IB2 graduation ceremony! It is scheduled to start at 17h30 at Esibayeni Lodge. Esibayeni Lodge is located near the Matsapha Airport, off the main Mbabane highway (MR3). This year’s graduating class is a cohort of 117 students, representing 42 nationalities. The event will include: presentation of certificates, speeches, and a variety of musical and dance performances. The ceremony will be followed by dinner served around 19h30 and entertainment by students. Information about the event has already been sent to parents of graduating students.


From the Music Department

ABRSM – Results and a Workshop

ABRSM is an internationally recognized examination system that originates in the Royal Schools of Music in the UK. The upper grades can be used to enhance and improve university applications in the UK and elsewhere. This year we entered students for ABRSM exams in piano, voice, trumpet, flute and cello, and with one exception, everyone passed. We are all delighted with this of course. While they are not for everyone, exams like this bring focus to student learning and a valuable endpoint for a process of improvement and development. Every student who entered is a better musician now than they were at the start of the process.

Following the exams, the examiner led all our instrumental and vocal staff in a workshop that explored ways to improve teaching and learning. The message centered around two things: Firstly, teachers must develop the whole musician and secondly, technique needs teaching! We will be developing these themes next year.


Instrumental and Voice Lessons 2020

We are looking forward to developing our programme next year. Here is the information you need to enroll your child in the 2020 programme. All students will need to show that their fee-paying adult or organization gives permission for lessons to commence. (See below). Students can learn an instrument (or voice) with a specialist teacher.

  • Lessons are 1:1 and last 40 minutes.
  • Before lessons can be taken, students must provide proof of permission from their parents, guardians or sponsors. This can be done in two ways:

a) by email to the Head of Department (mark.bradshaw@waterford.sz) or

b) by written confirmation given / sent to Reception

This correspondence must include

Student Name

Parent / Guardian Name

Instrument to be learnt

A simple statement giving permission

  • In 2020, each 40 minute lesson will cost E136.00
  • Lessons generally and wherever possible begin in week two of term one.
  • Students commit to a term’s lessons with a teacher.
  • Lessons are charged to the student account and will appear on them.
  • Students will be invoiced for ten lessons for term 1.

Students will be invoiced for ten lessons for term 2.

F1, F2, F3, F4 and IB1 students will be invoiced for eight lessons in term 3.

  • Students wishing to fund lessons through their bursary and/or scholarship must first speak to the Bursar or their sponsorship representative.


Instruments Available

Students can learn the following -

  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Brass including trumpet, cornet, euphonium, horn, trombone
  • Alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Violin
  • Drum kit

NB: Some instruments are less available than others.

  • There is an expectation that students will practise regularly and with focus in order to make progress in their learning. The department provides opportunities for practice.



Fees: Repeat

Our financial books closed at the end of October, and unfortunately, we must notify parents that students who are owing may not return next year and must start looking for alternative schools. In addition, no reports will be issued to those with outstanding balances.

Furthermore, graduating students with outstanding fees will not be permitted to attend Graduation and will not receive access codes for results or be given any assistance with their university applications. It may seem that we are very hard to set these kinds of parameters but the truth is that we cannot function without the school fees which are relied on for so much, including staff salaries. Please make sure that you have met your agreed obligations and settled all outstanding accounts with us.


Reminder of important dates

        Thursday 21st November – Higher Life Foundation-WK 10th Anniversary event

        Saturday 23rd November – IB2 Graduation

        Friday 29th November – School closes: WK bus departs for Johannesburg at 06:15


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to send an email to principal@waterford.sz. If the question is of broad interest, it will be published (with the permission of the writer and without the name) in the newsletter.

Parents are also encouraged to be in touch with their child’s tutor or residential head for any matters about which they may be concerned.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


© Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA 2020

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