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Newsletter 33/2018

2 November, 2018

Good habits

On his recent visit to the school Shelby Davis said that it was very difficult to break bad habits – as all of us adults know only too well – but he added that likewise it was very difficult to break good habits. His argument being that it is good to cultivate good habits as they will serve you well for the rest of your lives. The example he used concerns getting things done: it only takes so much time to do something and it will take the same time whether you do it today or tomorrow or next week, so best do it today. Get into the good habit of doing things now and don’t procrastinate. I must say a good lesson for me as well!

Today I challenged one of our students who had earphones in her ears. It’s a bit of a bugbear for me as I want students to be 100% present and engaged with all that is happening at school, amongst friends, in lessons and generally about campus. My challenge is that they leave their earphones at home or in their residential rooms. My challenge: get into the good habit of being engaged with those around you and don’t send a message to those around you that you are connected elsewhere.


Annual PSA Golf Day

On Sunday 28th October Waterford’s parents-staff association (PSA) held its annual Golf Day tournament. I would like to thank the PSA, Eswatini business community and other individuals for their continued support of the Golf Day.  Our special thanks go to Capitol Caterers, our biggest sponsor for this event, for their support and for providing us with a delicious meal.  We would also like to thank Nkonyeni Golf Estate for hosting this event for us in a professional manner, and for providing our main raffle prize. A document thanking our sponsors has been published on the school website and can be found here.

We have also published few pictures from the event. Please have a look.



The school is in graduation mode. While there is still a long road ahead for our students who still need to undergo university education and other activities, their graduation from Waterford remains an integral part of their life; it is part of their upbringing and most importantly their career development process. When a student graduates from high school or college there is a sense of finality and accomplishment that accompanies it. All the years of studying, test taking and working towards a goal to ensure a successful future culminate in an achievement that should be celebrated. Therefore, our graduating students are positive role models for millions of young people and students across the globe. It is a huge achievement worth a celebration and, as I congratulate our students for such a milestone, I would like to thank parents, students, staff, governors, alumni, donors and friends of Waterford for a job well done. We are looking forward to successful graduation ceremonies in the next two weeks.

Form 5 Graduation: The Form 5 graduation will take place at 3:00pm on Friday November 9th in the school Assembly Hall. A separate letter was sent to Form 5 parents. This is a reminder that should you require more than your 2 allotted seats, your children must negotiate this with friends whose parents will not attend. Please make sure to do so to avoid disappointment on the day.

IB2 Graduation: The IB ceremony is scheduled for Saturday 17th November 2018, at 17h30 at Esibayeni Lodge. Esibayeni Lodge is located near the Matsapha International Airport, off the main Mbabane highway. Further information is available here. 115 students from 39 countries are graduating. The ceremony will include the presentation of certificates, speeches, a variety of musical performances and a slideshow. It will be followed by dinner served around 19.30 and further entertainment. Tickets will be available from the Bursar’s Office, by email request to bursar@waterford.sz or by calling +268 24220866/7/8 on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th November between 4pm to 5pm. The price is E450 per ticket and payment can be made anytime strictly by cash or EFT. If you elect to pay via EFT please send proof of payment to bursar@waterford.sz

Please note that we are aware that traditionally graduation events can be an opportunity for some for excess and poor decision-making. In this regard the College has a policy governing Graduation and I invite both students and especially parents to be aware of its contents.


Form 4 Survivor

This week a decision was taken to postpone the Form 4 Survivor trip due to the severe storm and lightning forecasts for the region. Any inconvenience suffered is regretted. A new date for the trip will be announced in due course.


Fire Safety

There has been some concern expressed about fire safety at the College after a recent incident at one of the residents. We are always concerned about safety and have reviewed our policies and procedures in the light of this event. In future all fire escape doors and alarms will be inspected on a more regular basis. Our fire extinguishers continue to be inspected according to requirements. We have also added new fire extinguisher points at various places around campus.


Reminder of important dates

        Friday 9th November – Form 5 Graduation – 15:00 start

        Saturday 17th November – IB2 Graduation – 17:30 start


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.szIf the question is of broad interest, I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


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