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Newsletter 32/2018

26 October, 2018

Education Far Beyond the Classroom

On Thursday 18th October we presented our latest educational innovation, Nyatsela, to our Form 2 parents.

Nyatsela is an outdoor education project which will take the Form 3 group out on a three-week walk around Eswatini in the course of the year 2019. The presentation that was shared with the parents is available here.

Also, please enjoy these nuggets that were voiced at the end of the meeting below. Guests at the meeting were three local families whose boys had attended St Alban's school in Pretoria which does a fairly similar thing for its students:

  • One of the boys shared his headmaster's words: "You set out from the school and you have arrived back at the school, so in one way you have not gone very far ... but the inner journey you have made is immense!" 
  • One of the parents from St Alban's said, "It's the kind of thing you wouldn't miss if you didn't know about it ... but once you've experienced it, you'll be so glad you didn't miss out!"
  • A current Form 2 parent captured the excitement at the end, saying: "I've just got one question ... Where do we sign up?"

Indeed, this expedition will help our students in many aspects: improved self-confidence; increased self-knowledge; team work; sense of community and building resilience, values that are consistent with the UWC Education Model, which puts emphasis on education far beyond the classroom. We believe that students need certain skills, experiences and competencies that build them to into being the future leaders that we are preparing them to become. Therefore, Nyatsela is one of many approaches that present such a leadership building opportunity for our kids.


PSA Golf Day is on Sunday

The annual parents-staff association (PSA) Golf Day is taking place at Nkonyeni Golf Estate this Sunday 28th October. We are all excited by this event which is a major fundraiser for the PSA in their many initiatives through which they make a contribution to the continued success of the school. During the Golf Day the PSA will conduct a raffle draw with a stay at Nkonyeni as a prize. Please see the details below:

WK Golf Day Grand Raffle

Playing or not - you can still win!

Open to anyone - parents, guardians, staff, teachers, students, alumnus, your neighbours, friends and families!!

What: Mid-Week package for 8 people at the Nkonyeni Golf Estate, Eswatini, worth E21, 000 (3 nights, 2 rounds of balls) 

How to Enter:    

  • Enter by buying sets of 4 tickets for only E100 per set, you can buy as many sets as you like 
  • Your name guarantees your entry (we will raffle your name, not a ticket number)
  • Pay cash to the PSA (to Yael, see below) or EFT : Waterford Kamhlaba PSA, FNB, Mbabane 280164, Account Number: 62221776282
  • Send proof of payment and name for each entry by Email: yaelut@gmail.com or WhatSapp +268 76128310 

Parents are encouraged to participate in the raffle draw. Entries will close at noon on Sunday.


Form 2 Love Matters

The Form 2 Love Matters programme will start on Sunday, October 28th and run until 1:00pm on Wednesday, October 31st. A separate letter was sent to Form 2 parents. This is a reminder that there will be transport on Sunday for day students from the Cold Room in town at 3:00pm.  This is also a reminder that all Form 2 parents are invited to a talk by Dr. DeLouis where he will explain to you what he will be talking to your children about. This will take place at 17:30 on Monday, October 28th in the A1 classroom. We look forward to seeing you.


Form 5 Graduation

The Form 5 graduation will take place at 3:00pm on Friday November 9th in the school Assembly Hall. A separate letter was sent to Form 5 parents. This is a reminder that should you require more than your 2 allotted seats, your children must negotiate this with friends whose parents will not attend. Please make sure to do so to avoid disappointment on the day.


Library Book Charges

Please note that library book charges for IB2 and Form 5 have been forwarded to the Bursar’s office and will appear on school accounts. All students were made aware their outstanding books and received numerous requests to renew or return these books. Students who have not responded have had these charges added. If and when they either return or renew these items the charges will be rescinded. Parents are requested to communicate with their children in the event unwelcome charges have appeared on their accounts. Please note these are charges for non-academic texts and are for texts which were taken out previous to 2017.  Charges for Academic texts which students are using for exams have not yet been forwarded to the Bursar’s office but will be charged when exams have been completed.


Form 5 Parents: Survey Consent Forms

A parent consent form has been sent to current Form 5 parents and we kindly ask them to fill it in online if possible.  If there are any question regarding the form, please contact the school Advancement Director, Anne Rein Muller, at: advancementdirector@waterford.sz

About the Survey:

United World Colleges is collaborating with researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education on a study of the impact of a UWC education on students and alumni. This project is a movement-wide study involving all seventeen UWC schools. You can access a more comprehensive description of the study here.

Through this study, all UWC schools hope to gain a sense of if and how UWC is achieving its mission. Across the UWC movement, we hope that the research will allow us to better understand our educational model and its effect on our community members. The study has been approved by UWC’s International Office, by each participating school, and by Harvard University’s Committee on the Use of Human Subjects.

To this end, we are distributing a parental permission form to all parents and guardians of students in the IB Class of 2020, allowing them to give their children permission to participate in the research study. This form includes detailed information about the purpose of the study, the rights of participants, and contact information for the researchers should you have any questions about the study. There are two ways to return this consent form to the school or to the research team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, listed here in order of preference:

  1. Fill out the form online, using this link ( preferred)
  2. Send a signed copy of the printed form with your child when he/she returns to Waterford in January of 2019
  3. or email it at your earliest by replying to this email and attaching the form

Participation in the study is voluntary, and it is your choice to allow your child to participate or not. If you do agree to your child’s participation, please make sure to return this form using one of the methods listed above. If your child will not be returning to WK in January 2019 or if your child is 18 or above please ignore this communication.


School Fees – Repeat

School accounts close at the end of October. Kindly ensure all fees are paid by or before then. I wish to remind all parents/guardians that reports will not be released if fees are not cleared by this date. I also remind parents of the Form 5 and IB students that their child/children could be excluded from the graduation ceremony and any other function pertinent to those forms. We will also withhold any access codes for results and university application assistance could be withheld. Please note that our accounts close on 31st October 2018 and all fees must be paid in full by or before this date. We will not carry any arrears from 2018 to 2019. If you have any queries please contact Mbongeni Mkoko:  bursar@waterford.sz (tel: +268 24221807) or Tricia Fraser: pfraser@waterford.sz (tel: +268 24221639). Your cooperation and assistance in this is appreciated.


Sporting Activities

Hockey: This weekend our under 16 boys and girls hockey teams are travelling to Sisekelo for a tournament. We wish our teams the best of luck.


Reminder of important dates

        Sunday 28th October – PSA Golf Day

        Friday 9th November – Form 5 Graduation – 15:00 start

        Saturday 17th November – IB2 Graduation – 17:30 start



Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.szIf the question is of broad interest, I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


© Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA 2019

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