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Newsletter 37/2018

30 November, 2018

End of Year Message

I can hardly believe we have come to the end of another year, and what an eventful year it has been. To start with it is appropriate to remember those close to our community that have passed on in the course of the year.  Firstly, we remember Isaac De Almeida, our IB1 student who passed away after only having spent one term with us, secondly Mr Clark Thom who passed away in May this year. He had a 30 year association with the school, 20 of which were as the Chair of the Governing Council. There have been some amazing highlights of the year.

Highlights for 2018

I thank the entire Waterford family from our lovely students to the amazing staff, governors, parents, alumni, donors and friends of the school for their continued support. In the course of the year 2018, once again, we came together to deliver great events which have undoubtedly been highlights of the year.

International Board meeting: On Thursday the 22nd of February 2018 the UWC board and some UWC International Office staff members arrived on Waterford campus for a meeting that was scheduled for the 23rd – 24thof February. It really felt good to have the guests interact with our students and staff through Q&A session and other activities. Read more

Michael Attenborough visit: In April the school had the Shakespeare Festival that was graced by renowned Theatre guru, Michael Attenborough. Reacting to the performances at the start of the festival, Michael Attenborough said that it felt great to witness a Shakespeare performance in a building that was built in memory of his sister, niece and mother in law. Waterford’s Sheila and Richard Attenborough Fine Arts Centre is a memorial to Michael’s parents who were long-time friends of the college and patrons of the UWC movement. In 2004, Michael’s sister Jane, niece Lucy and Jane’s mother-in-law, Audrey-Jane, died tragically in the Asian tsunami. In their memory, the Attenborough’s, together with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, built the school’s ‘Jane Holland Centre for Creative Learning’.

Kamhlaba Day: On the 14th of July 2018 Waterford hosted the first ever Kamhlaba Day. This event is about the Waterford community working together to raise money for the school’s community service programme. Please have a look

Graca Machel Visit: During UWC Africa Week’s 4th edition, Mrs Graça Machel delivered a powerful message during her keynote address on Saturday the 16th of June 2018.

In line with this year’s Africa Week theme, Africa Unbound, Mrs Machel spoke about reclaiming our African identity, defining what it means to be African.

Africa Week: Once again, the year 2018 saw a mind-blowing UWC Africa Week. This year’s theme, “Africa Unbound,” examined the relationship between Africa and the world within the context of changing geopolitical dynamics. The Week featured interactive workshops, a music concert, Keynote Panel Forums, a Keynote Address by H.E. Mme. Graça Machel, an African film and an Africa Night of live music performances, poetry dance and fashion from Africa.

Annual Careers Fair: On Wednesday 25th July 2018 hundreds of students from over 40 schools around Eswatini participated in Waterford’s 11th Annual Careers Fair. Held at Mavuso Trade and exhibition Centre, this year’s event saw ninety delegates participating, including the African Leadership University in Mauritius, University of Pretoria and University of Johannesburg from South Africa as well as UNESWA, SCOT and Limkokwing from Eswatini. They were joined by many other tertiary institutions and employers representing nearly every profession you can imagine from music to medicine, finance to forestry and design to diplomacy. We thank these partners for supporting this year’s event.

Shelby Davis Visit: On Sunday 7th October 2018 Shelby and Gale Davis, two long-standing and passionate friends of the UWC movement, arrived on Waterford campus on a special visit. The Waterford community – from governors, management, alumni, parents, students and staff – came together to thank Shelby Davis for the support he is giving the UWC movement. During his Waterford visit on 8th October 2018 Shelby met alumni who are beneficiaries of the Davis UWC Scholars Programme. At the end of the visit we put together a document in which members of staff and students reflected on the visit:  

Brave Girl: 2018 was a busy and productive year for the school’s Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme. On the back of a very successful Brave Girl Camp in 2017 we hosted another 1 week residential camp for 54 young women from around Eswatini in August. Once again, our amazing team of students and teachers facilitated an interesting and enjoyable week for all concerned.

Aurora: The school was also involved with another Interesting CAS project this year called Mpaka Peers. This project is collaboration between Waterford students and young people living in Mpaka refugee Camp, Eswatini. It is a peer mentorship programme involving Science and Maths mentoring, the sharing of music, poetry, writing and dancing skills and it also involves encouraging the playing of sport especially football. This project was shortlisted for the Aurora Humanitarian Awards for UWC Colleges and the team travelled to Yerevan, Armenia to present their project. Although they did not win they were given $4000 to pursue their project.

GoMakeaDifference: Waterford Kamhlaba also submitted 10 GoMakeaDifference projects and were lucky enough to win 4 awards. We hope that this will motivate our students to continue being passionate about making a difference in the community. 

PSA Golf Day: A big thank you to Waterford’s Parent-Staff Association (PSA) for hosting another successful Golf Day tournament at Nkonyeni Golf Estate, Eswatini, on Sunday 28th October 2018. The PSA raised ZAR 114 500 on that day. Read more I would also like to thank the partners who supported the event.

Form 5 Graduation: On Friday the 9th of November 2018 Waterford’s form 5 class of 2018 had its graduation ceremony in the school’s Michael Stern Hall. I congratulate the form 5 class of 2018 and wish them all the best.

IB Graduation: On Saturday 17th November our IB2 graduation ceremony took place at Esibayeni Lodge, Eswatini.  The ceremony included the presentation of certificates, speeches and a variety of musical performances. You can read more about the event here.

We also have a selection of pictures from the event.

I would like to congratulate our IB2 class of 2018 for such a huge milestone. They have since joined a community of 6700 Waterford alumni across the globe.


Of course none of the above could be achieved without the continued and unfailing commitment and tireless efforts of every single member of the staff, whether working, cleaning the hostels, cutting the lawns or teaching in the classrooms or keeping the administrative wheels working. You all play a central role in making the school the success it is.  I do wish you well over this festive season and pray you return rested and ready for 2019.

To all our staff, parents and families, we wish you happy holidays and a festive time with family and friends. A reminder as always to the students, base your holidays on the three or so r’s: rest, recuperate, read, read, read, recreate and of course get as much sleep as you can.

We hope you all come back revived and revitalized.


Staff Farewells

May I take this opportunity to say goodbye to our outgoing members of staff. Please join me as I thank them for their efforts and in wishing them the best in their future endeavors.


Ms. Primerose Hunda – Business & Economics department

Ms. Megan De Koning – Science department

Mr. Saurabh Shivakumar – Music department



Ms. Nolwazi Ngwenyama – Advancement office


I also thank our volunteers who have given support to the school in various departments. They are: Onele, Andile, Juliette and Simon.


Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday 27th November Waterford joined the #GivingTuesday movement for the first time. Giving Tuesday is about giving back and giving thanks. The hope is that people across the globe will give in donations, time, or talent to their chosen charity on this day. Waterford joined Giving Tuesday with the aim of encouraging our parents, past and present, friends and alumni to have WK as a chosen charity. We are motivating our community to give towards our Ekukhuleni Hostel Refurbishment Campaign. Currently, we are $75,000 USD away from reaching the total amount needed to fund this project. Please have a look at this video on the Ekukhuleni Hostel Refurbishment Campaign.


Alumni Newsletter

The alumni newsletter for November has been published. Please have a look.


Reminder: Harvard Impact Study Survey Consent Forms

UWC is collaborating with researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education on a study of the impact of a UWC education, through which all UWCs hope to gain a sense of if and how UWC is achieving its mission and how its educational model affects its students and alumni.

We are asking parents of Form 5 students who will be returning to Waterford to do the IBDP in 2019, to sign a parental permission form to allow your child to participate. Because the attached parental permission form includes long and complex language (in English), we are highlighting some of its key information for you below.

  • Survey questionnaires will be given to your child at the beginning and end of the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years.
  • 20 randomly selected students per school will be asked to be interviewed for about 60 minutes
  • Questions will ask students about their intellectual, ethical, and civic/global attitudes and behaviors, including questions about school experiences and demographics.
  • All data will be confidential and accessible only to the research team. Nobody within the UWC movement will have access to your child’s responses. Any identifiable information will be made anonymous.
  • The researchers are complying with strict data protection regulations, including that participants have the right to access, correct, or delete their identifiable study data for free.
  • Participation in the study is voluntary, and it is your choice to allow your child to participate or not.

We would however highly appreciate it if your child participated in this study for the following reasons:

  • It is a historical one-time opportunity to enable our college and the UWC movement to improve our educational programmes.
  • Surveys and interviews will help students reflect on their experiences at UWC.
  • Students will be doing something that all UWC IBDP1s are doing around the world - and it is unique to their year group.
  • The researchers want to hear from all students, even if their experiences are mixed or even negative so far.
  • Students will have a unique opportunity to contribute to improving their school and the entire UWC movement, as well as education world-wide, thus making the world a better place.
  • A higher number of participants will enable the researchers to draw conclusions from the largest number of points of view possible. Only if opinions are heard will they be taken into account!

 There are two ways to return this consent form to the school or to the research team at Harvard, listed here in order of preference. Please also return the form if you do not provide consent and please be sure to tick the boxes of the activities you allow your child to participate in.

1. Fill out the form online, using this link.


2. Give a signed copy of the printed form to your child when he/she returns to school.



If you are planning on travelling, please make a booking and support Waterford at the same time - at no extra cost. To do so, use this link. Your booking fee will be donated to the school. Thank you.


From the PSA

Open the Year with PSA:

The Parents-Staff Association (PSA) invites all parents and guardians for a Lunch by the school pool on Monday 21st January 2019, starting at 12 noon. We would like to meet you all and together, celebrate the beginning of 2019 school year. Please RSVP (to book your lunch) by email psachairperson@waterford.sz or contact Bridget at +268 7865 3019. See you by the pool!


Reminder of important dates

        Monday 14th January - IB Residences open

        Wednesday 16th January - IB Orientation begins

        Friday 18th January - New Form Students arrive for Residential Orientation

        Saturday 19th January - Residential Orientation for new Form students begins

        Sunday 20th January - All Residences open after lunch

        Monday 21st January - Forms Academic Orientation

        Tuesday 22nd January - School opens



Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.sz.  If the question is of broad interest, I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Parents are also encouraged to be in touch with their child’s tutor or residential head for any matters about which they may be concerned. The next newsletter will be published on Friday 25th January 2019.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


© Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA 2019

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