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Newsletter 25/2019

9 August, 2019


Earlier in the week we received sad news on the passing of School Counselor Carla Cabrita’s mother. On behalf of all at the College I extend our heartfelt condolences to Carla and the rest of the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time.


End of Term 2: Thank you

Term 2 has come to an end – what a pleasantly busy term! We had exciting activities such as music concerts, sports tournaments, Regional Entrance Testing, alumni events, 24 Hour Run, UWC Africa Week including Visual Arts Exhibition and Tin Bucket Drum, Pride Week, a number of curriculum and cultural tours, the Dick and Enid Eyeington soccer tournament, Careers Fair, the SRC social and Nyatsela; all of which have showcased our students, and the innovative way in which we deliver the curriculum and learning to  them on a daily basis.

I would like to thank everyone, including students, parents, staff, alumni, governors, donors and friends of Waterford for the continued support for the school, without which we cannot fulfill our historic mandate of producing leaders for Africa and the world. To the students, teachers, and staff this has been a very busy term and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to its success. As I always do, my appeal to parents is to allow our students enough time to rest and recharge so that they come back refreshed and ready for Term 3. The message is simple: let the students sleep, read, eat, exercise, repeat. Once again, thank you for making Waterford not just a school but an amazing community.


Nyatsela Pioneers Return!

Yesterday the Waterford Kamhlaba community welcomed our Form 3 pioneers home, after they successfully completed the inaugural 21-day walk around eSwatini. It was an emotional moment as parents hugged and kissed their children endlessly. By the look of things, and judging the response of the students, Nyatsela has achieved its purpose – this outdoor learning project is meant to produce students who are inquirers, independent thinkers, risk-takers, open-minded and resilient. This is in line with the UWC’s educational model which involves experiential learning, where opportunities for students to practice personal initiative, self-discipline and responsibility, to manage risk and embrace challenge must be provided. I would like to thank everyone, from the organizers, staff, students, parents, alumni and the local community for the collaborative efforts in making Nyatsela the success it has been. One of the parents of the students said:

“I think my child has surprised herself more than anyone.  And that’s a very good thing, for her to know that she has the inner strength and capability to rise above her fears.  It’s now very clear what Nyatsela is intended to achieve in these youngsters (and parents).”

Click here to see pictures taken yesterday during the welcome party for the Nyatsela pioneers.


Search for a New Principal

The College’s Governing Council has begun the process of searching for a new principal. Yesterday the Chair of the GC Mark Mills wrote to parents, students and alumni about this. The GC has developed a simple tool to collect feedback on the kinds of traits, competencies, experiences and other factors that you may feel are important for the new leader. Mark Mills Wrote:

We welcome contributions from all stakeholders. Once the feedback has been received and collated, we will develop a set of criteria that will guide our selection of the next Principal.  If you would like to share your thoughts, please use the link below. If you prefer, you also provide feedback through the various stakeholder representatives such as the PSA, SRC or Staff Association, or you can send them directly to me chairman@waterford.sz . Please provide your input no later than 10 September, the first day of Term 3.


Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MF5V33J


The second step will be to advertise the position and recruit potential candidates. We hope to begin this phase shortly after Term 3 begins. We have not decided whether to use a professional recruiter to help us find candidates, but we are clear that we need to cast our net as far and wide as possible. Often, the best candidates are not actively seeking a new role. We will need to find and then encourage them to apply.  If you know of potential candidates, or if you are aware of potential sources of top quality candidates, please email your suggestion(s) to chairman@waterford.sz .


Call for Nominations to the Governing Council of Waterford Kamhlaba: Repeat

Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA is looking for candidates to fill vacant positions on the Governing Council (GC). We are looking for people who have experience in Education (Secondary & High), Marketing & Fundraising, Entrepreneurship, Wellness & Pastoral Care or have an International Profile. If you are someone or know someone who would be suitable, please send an email titled “NOMINATION FOR GC MEMBERSHIP” to chairman@waterford.sz with the following details:

1. The nominee’s full name, contact number and email address.

2. A justification (maximum 200 words) of:

(a) why the nominated candidate would be a good addition (given the criteria specified)

(b) what expertise nominated candidate shall bring to the GC.

The Deadline for nominations is 31st August 2019.


Tin Bucket Drum Video

As promised, the full video of Tin Bucket Drum – Neil Coppen’s multiple-award winning play, directed by Mr. Benedict Clark in collaboration with Mr. Mark Bradshaw and performed by Waterford Kamhlaba students is accessible online. Special thanks to Paul Chasusa and his team for post-production editing.


From the PSA

Nyatsela Pioneers:

The PSA congratulates all the Nyatsela Pioneers who are now back home. Our thanks go to Mrs. Elinor Lowry and everyone who took part in the planning and implementation of this amazing project. 

PSA Golf Day:

The WK Annual Golf day is on the 27th of October this year. We would like to invite our families and the entire community to support the event with prizes and sponsorships. Families from outside of eSwatini are welcome to send prizes back with the students after the term break. 

 Please communicate with Wendy Green-Thompson on wendygreenthompson@gmail.com.   

Safeguarding and Mental Health Support:

The PSA members are engaged in the school's activities to support safeguarding and mental health support. Parents and guardians who would like to communicate with us on these matters (and any other matters) can email Bridget Farrell psachairperson@waterford.sz


Reminder of important dates

        Friday August 9th – School closes: bus departs for Johannesburg at 06:15

        Sunday September 8th – All residences open after lunch: Bus departs OR Tambo Airport at 1400 hrs.

        Tuesday September 10th – School opens

        Sunday 27th October – PSA Golf Day

        Friday 15th November – Form 5 Graduation

        Saturday 23rd November – IB2 Graduation


Any Questions?

If you have any questions and feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at principal@waterford.sz. If the question is of broad interest, I will publish the question (with the permission of the writer and without the name) and my reply in the newsletter.

Parents are also encouraged to be in touch with their child’s tutor or residential head for any matters about which they may be concerned.


Kind Regards

Stephen Lowry


© Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA 2019

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