Projects and programmes to support

Alumni Avenue

Leave your mark on the Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA campus!

That is right, we are giving you the chance as an alumnus to have your name written on the walls of Waterford Kamhlaba, through the Alumni Avenue. This Avenue aims to encourage giving back to the Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA family, as well as giving you, alumni, the opportunity to leave your mark on campus.

With a minimum donation of ZAR1500, £90, $110, €100 we will place a glass brick with your name engraved on it in the Alumni Avenue. Ngwenya Glass will be recycling unused glass to create these bricks.

There is no better time than now to donate to WK! With the Thanks a Million Davis-UWC Impact Challenge matching each and every donation that you make, your gift, and its impact, will be multiplied.

You can of course decide where your donation goes, be it scholarships, community service projects, capital projects, staff development and more.

Click on the image below to donate, and we will place a glass brick in the Alumni Avenue in your honour. Or get a group of co-years together to make the minimum donation and we will place a brick to represent your year group.

Thank you to everyone who continues to believe in and support Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA. Every donation makes a difference!


Scholarships are a strategic priority for the college. We are focused on diversity and aim to have as many students from different national, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds as possible. Each year we raise money to offer scholarship places. We also support National Committees that are unable to fund students themselves and reach out to students in areas where there is no National Committee system, particularly students in conflict zones or developing nations. We also look within nations, to take students from different ethnic groups or from both sides of an on-going conflict. Your support helps us reach far and wide.

We continue to offer scholarships based on merit, but we also recognise that wealth is an important part of the diversity within the college. As such, scholarships are means-tested as far as possible. Therefore, if a student needs a full scholarship they will get one, but equally, if we feel that a family can contribute financially then it is only fair that they do so. This allows the limited scholarship fund to help as many people as possible.

Gifts to the college have helped fund new bursaries for 2016; this is in addition to bursaries and financial assistance provided by UWC National Committees. Overall 29% of students at Waterford receive some form of financial support, at IB level that is 50%. These passionate, capable and talented individuals add so much to the college community; by sharing their culture, life experiences, focus and energy. Living and learning together allows our students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of specific nations, cultures and global issues.

For more information on the scholarship programme, its impact and how you can be involved, please contact Anne Rein Muller at

Scholarships ensure that students get an opportunity to acquire world-class education regardless of their economic background. Waterford invests in safe and conducive learning spaces for our students.

Capital Campaign

Learning in a positive and motivating environment impacts the attitude of our students. Gifts to the college help transform the learning environment. We are strengthening our facilities and resources on campus with learning in mind - providing our students with inspiring spaces that help bring their learning to life.

Should you be interested in supporting Waterford in renovating its facilities or seek more information on the capital campaign, its impact and how you can be involved, please contact Anne Rein Muller at

The Energy project

In January 2015 students of Waterford Kamhlaba were awarded the ZFEP in the Africa Schools section. On return from the Award Ceremony in Abu Dhabi, the implementation team made up of a committee of students, the Head of Science, and the Eco Estate Manager convened to map the route forward.
The key focus was to assess the planned implementations and to analyse whether the proposal had the correct focus in terms of energy efficiency, carbon reductions, renewable energy generation, and educational awareness since the primary focus of Waterford Kamhlaba is education. A full report on the project is available here

In 2015, Waterford Kamhlaba won the Zayed Future Energy Prize. The prize has been instrumental in driving the school's green initiatives. (video by Zachary Shahan)