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Daniela Menegon (Italy, WK 89-95)

What years did you attend Waterford Kamhlaba? (What forms/year group?)

Form 1 – IB2 : 1989 - 1995

Please tell us what you have done or are doing at the moment? (e.g.. what you studied and what field you are currently working in)

Studied hotel and restaurant management, worked in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland for 12 years. Then moved to Canada and changed fields to work as a customer service representative for a German dental laboratory product company. I guess you can add that I'm a part time scuba diving instructor in Quebec, Canada. Like most people here it is for pleasure of the teaching and sport than for an actual job as there is not enough demand.

Could you tell us what inspired you to pursue your career path.

The initial hotel career choice was because my father, who owned a building company in eSwatini, was renovating a hotel when I was 15.

Did Waterford in any way play a role in your career path choice?

No, but it paved the way for an understanding of different cultures and thus how to deliver the best to everyone.

What advice would you have for aspiring students who would want to be involved in
similar areas of expertise?

In the hotel industry – languages are very important, people love to speak their own language and make themselves properly understood.

Do you have any fond memories of Waterford? Could you possibly share one with us and could we also ask you to send us one or two pictures of your time at WK?

Driving up the hill in the back of the cattle truck, with people pushing along the benches to make space at the ends, the huge hole in the floor of the truck.

Most embarrassing moment at Waterford?

Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but there must be something

WK crush?

Only friends know this.

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

Hmmm, not sure. Was not into music much back then, now loads of things!

Who was in your WK #squad (friend group)?

My sister, Michela Menegon and Teresa Soares

Favourite teacher/Most hilarious teacher?

Belinda Dyck – for convincing me to join the swim team in 1990, the rest is history I guess, some of it on a board in the MP hall, if it is still there. Thanks to Roni Minjins and BOC for having taught me French, even if I really sucked at it at school. Whatever they drummed into us stayed with me and made it easier to learn properly when I moved to French speaking countries

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