Governing Council

The school’s voluntary board, the Governing Council, meets three times a year to oversee the management of the school. Current Governing Council members are:

Governing Council members at the official opening of the energy hub
  • Alan Whiteside (WK 69-74)
  • Amanda West (WK 76-80) (Ex-officio: Chairperson, Waterford School Trust UK)
  • Andy Foose (WK 78-82)
  • Ashley Green-Thompson (Current WK Parent)
  • Catherine Hunter (WK 71-77)
  • Derek Blackman
  • Elizabeth Arden (Finance Committee)
  • Jeremy Lock (WK 78-80)
  • Mark Mills (Chairperson)
  • Mfundo Mohammed (WK 00-01)
  • Michael Linden (WK Staff 69-88)
  • Pierre Bidé (Former WK Parent)
  • Ross Jennings (WK 81-87)
  • Sarah Jane Thompson (WK 83-89)
  • Sibongile Gumbi (WK 83-86) (Ex-officio: Chairperson, WK Foundation of South Africa)
  • Stephen Lowry (Ex-officio: Principal)

Invited Members

  • Anne Rein Muller (Director: Advancement Office)
  • Donovan King (Deputy Principal: Pastoral)
  • Joanne De Koning (Deputy Principal: Academic)
  • Mbongeni Mkoko (Bursar)
  • Tracey Stewart (PA to Principal)
  • Two representatives from the Student Representative Council
  • Two Staff representatives
  • Two representatives of the Parent-Staff Association

Central Management Group

The Central Management Group (CMG) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school. It meets on weekly basis to take operational decisions and ensure smooth implementation of the school’s programme. Members of CMG are:

  • Anne Rein Muller – Director of Advancement
  • Donovan King – Deputy Principal (Pastoral)
  • Joanne de Koning – Deputy Principal (Academic)
  • John Storer – Director of Admissions and University Advisor
  • Stephen Lowry – Principal
  • Staff Representative

Parent-Staff Association

The Parent-Staff Association (PSA) of Waterford is a supportive advisory body to the principal and the college which includes parents and guardians of our college's students, together with teachers and management representatives. PSA representatives participate in the GC meetings, initiate discussions around student welfare, support the student help fund, provide monetary support to teacher and student projects and enhance communication between the college and parents, all with the aim of boosting the learning experience at Waterford. Current PSA members are:

  • Bridget Farrell (Chairlady)
  • Donovan King (Vice Chair / Deputy Principal)
  • Wendy Green-Thompson (Secretary)
  • Yael Uzan-Tidhar (Treasurer)
  • Stephen Lowry (Principal)
  • Richard Alexander (Staff Rep)
  • Amy Von Schlehenried (Parent Member)
  • Cara Breero (Parent Member)
  • Celiwe Dlamini (Parent Member)
  • Dominic Mayiga (Parent Member)
  • Fiona Millin (Parent Member)
  • Hellen Moyo (Parent Member)

To join the PSA, please contact the Chair (Bridget Farrell) on

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the highest level of student governance within the school. Their duties include organising school events, reporting student grievances to the school executive and providing a medium of communication between students and staff. Click here to download the Constitution of the SRC. The current SRC Executives are:

The current Student Representative Council (SRC)

  • Joint Presidents
    • Massimo Shongwe Form 4
    • Lindani Khoza IB1
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Lars Tutturen IB1

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